October 18, 2012



Miscela d’Oro was established in 1946 in Messina, Italy.  The founder’s technical knowledge, the meticulous selection of the best quality of green coffee, sensitivity towards customer needs, and continuous research and experimentation with top quality blends quickly turned the artisan workshop into a small family business.

Over three generations the experience and sensitivity of these masters in coffee roasting with their great ability to select, blend, and roast coffee were preserved in order to get aromas and flavours that have enabled the firm to grow and evolve for 60 years – starting from a small workshop and becoming a modern artisan roasting facility.
Miscela d’Oro offers a certainty of excellent quality coffee guaranteed by constant attention to every processing phase during the preparation of the blends.

2012 saw the start of what we envisage will be a long and prosperous exclusive partnership between ourselves and Miscela d’Oro in Cyprus.  As sole importers and distributors we plan to have a wide selection of products available island wide through our own establishments as well as supermarkets and other outlets.

Visit www.misceladoro.com.cy for more information