March 19, 2015

Soho Club de Futbol

Soho Club – Ayia Napa, part of the K – Enterprises Group is proud to present its new project; Soho Club de Futbol. The football team will start its career when the new season starts after the summer 2015 and has as target to win their division every year and by that be in the first division of Cyprus by the year of 2020.

President of the team is the shareholder of K – Enterprises, Mr. Yiannis Theophanous and Vice President is Mr Michalis Andreou.
We are looking forward very much for this project to start, football is our passion in our life. We have a very strong team to start the season with and our target is the promotion in the first year. We have been planning and thinking about taking over a team for a long time but found it the most interesting to start our own team from scratch. It is a lifetime project and we are looking for the big stages in the future, says Mr Yiannis Theophanous.